October 3, 2017

The Glowforge Laser Cutter

  After 2 years eagerly waiting, the Glowforge laser cutter has arrived.  This remarkable machine can etch, engrave, and cut a wide variety of materials with an enormous amount of precision.  But what truly makes this tool special is how easy it is to use.  The most difficult part perhaps is connecting the machine to…

September 21, 2017

Tiling Surfaces

Today we have some various tiling projects to present to you! But first of all… What is a ’tiling’? A tiling, also sometimes called a tessellation, is the covering of a flat (or otherwise) surface using a variety of shapes to cover the entire surface without any overlap or gaps between the shapes.    …

August 17, 2017

Spherical & Cylindrical Mesh

Widely used in 3D graphics rendering, polygon mesh patterns serve as a basis for developing detailed models. We fabricate one such pattern on a sphere and a cylinder to illustrate the beauty in the symmetry of the meshes. Build these yourself! Spherical Mesh & Cylindrical Mesh We recently did a live printing presentation of the…

Dovetail Puzzle Box

The goal of the puzzle is simple: take apart the box to retrieve the contents inside. As simple as that sounds, the intricate inner design of the box makes this puzzle a tough one to crack. From the outside, the shape of the joints would make you believe that the task is impossible. However, rather…

August 8, 2017

Triply Periodic Polyhedral Surface

We fabricated a triply periodic polyhedral surface which can be realized as a closed Riemann surface, a hyperbolic surface, and a translation surface, and which is made out of octahedra. This is inspired by the beautiful paper of Dami Lee, and is part of the art project axiomatic.