Autumn 2017


WXML general meetings will be from 5-6pm on Thursdays in MGH 295:

  • 9/28 (opening meeting),
  • 11/2 (mid-quarter meeting)
  • 11/30 (final meeting)

The WXML Autumn 2017 Open House will be on 12/7, from 5-7pm, in Denny 303.

WXML teams will be able to use Mary Gates Hall 295 for meetings, on TuTh from 5-7pm, as well as the WXML lab in the basement of communications.

Projects and Teams:


Simulation of Randomized Brownian Bridges

Project Mentor: Tim Leung

Graduate Mentor: Theodore Zhao

Team Members: Emily Flanagan, Yanni Du, James Pedersen, Hunter Dean, Yuyan Wang

[Mid-quarter presentation] [Final presentation] [Final report]

Simulating randomly mixing fluids

Project Mentor: Soumik Pal

Graduate Mentor: Max Goering

Team Members: Yuqi Huang and Keith Fife

[Mid-quarter presentation] [Final presentation] [Final Report]

Counting k-tuples in discrete sets

Project Mentor: Jayadev Athreya (Math)

Graduate Mentor: Sam Fairchild

Team Members: Andrew Lim, Kimberley Bautista, Madeline Brown

[Mid-quarter presentation] [Final presentation] [Final report]

Rotation Random Walks

Project Mentor: Jayadev Athreya and Chris Hoffman (Math)

Graduate Mentor: Anthony Sanchez

Team Members: Peter Gylys-Colwell, Alex Tsun, Michelle Prawiro

[Mid-quarter presentation] [Final presentation]

Uniformity of solutions of Diophantine Equations

Project Mentor: Amos Turchet

Graduate Mentor: Travis Scholl

Team Members: Blanca Viña Patiño, Daria Micovic, Rohan Hiatt, Bryan Tun Pey Quah

[Mid-quarter presentation] [Final presentation] [Final report]

Number Theory and Noise

Project Mentor: Matthew Conroy (Math)

Graduate Mentor: Nikolas Eptaminitakis and Gabriel Dorfsman-Hopkins

Team Members: Nile Wynar and Lisa Yan*

[Mid-quarter presentation] [Final presentation] [Final report]

Conditional path sampling of metastable states

Project Mentor: Panos Stinis (AMath)

Graduate Mentor: Jacob Price (AMath)

Team Members: Jesse Rivera and Landon Shorack

[Mid-quarter presentation] [Final presentation] [Final report]