Autumn 2016


Projective Actions and Random Permutations
Project Mentor: Jayadev Athreya and Chris Hoffman
Graduate mentor: Daniel Bragg
Team Members: Kristine Hampton and Qiang Yu
[Final Report]
Graphs and Machine Learning
Project Mentor: Sara Billey
Graduate mentor: Riley Casper
Team Members: Sha Lai, Aaron Bode, Nicholas Farn, Graham Kelly, and Katrina Warner
[Final Report]

Gravitational Billiards
Project Mentors: Krzysztof Burdzy and Jayadev Athreya
Graduate mentor: Dia Taha
Team Members: Stephanie Anderson, Kush Gupta, and N’Vida Ange-Janine Yotcho

[Final Report]

Number Theory and Noise
Project Mentor: Matthew Conroy
Graduate mentor: Gabriel Dorfsman-Hopkins
Team Members: Hannah Van Wyk, Jesse Rivera, Hanming Zhang, and Xin Li
[Final Report]
Prime Spacings
Project Mentors: Barry Forman and Jayadev Athreya
Graduate mentor: Kristin DeVleming
Team Members: Sara Ahmed and Griffen Hale
[Final Report]
Mathematics of Exchange-Traded Funds
Project Mentor: Tim Leung
Graduate mentors: Yang Zhou and Jack Simonson
Team Members: Shujing Lyu, Chaoyang Jiang, Jiaxing Kuang, and Zachary Dingels
[Final Report]
Limiting Behavior in Infinite Graphs
Project Mentor: Doug Lind and Jim Morrow
Graduate mentors: Sam Fairchild and Avi Levy
Team Members: Melissa Stadt and Will Dana

[Final Report]

Primality of Polynomials
Project Mentor: William Stein
Graduate mentor: Travis Scholl
Team Members: Daria Micovic, Xiaowen Yang, and Astrid Berge

[Final Report]

Social Choice and Nontransitive Dice
Project Mentor: Jonah Ostroff
Graduate mentor: Lucas Van Meter
Team Members: Jason Grills, Jacob Watkins, and Robert Gunn