Winter 2017


Trace of Earthworm
Project Mentor: Krzysztof Burdzy
Graduate Mentor: Clayton Barnes
Team Members: Alex Forney, Xiyi Yan and Ran Zhao
[Final Report]
Graphs and Machine Learning
Project Mentor: Sara Billey
Graduate Mentor: Riley Casper
Team Members: Aaron Bode, Katrina Warner and Dien Dang
[Final Report]
Discrete Hyperbolic Geometry and Random Walk
Project Mentor: Ryokichi Tanaka
Graduate Mentor: Anthony Sanchez
Team Members: Xinyue Peng and Haoran Li
[Final Report]
Number Theory and Noise
Project Mentor: Matthew Conroy
Graduate Mentor: Gabriel Dorfsman-Hopkins
Team Members: Jesse Rivera, Emily Flanagan and Penny Espinoza
[Final Report]
Prime Spacing
Project Mentors: Jayadev Athreya and Barry Forman
Graduate Mentor: Kristin DeVleming
Team Members: Sara Ahmed and Astrid Berge
[Final Report]
Gravitational Billiards
Project Mentors: Jayadev Athreya and Krzysztof Burdzy
Graduate Mentor: Dia Taha
Team Members: Stephanie Anderson, Kush Gupta and N’Vida Ange-Janine Yotcho
Projective actions and Random Permutations
Project Mentor: Jayadev Athreya
Graduate Mentor: Daniel Bragg
Team Members: Kristine Hampton and Justin Shyi
[Final Report]
Shapes of Julia sets
Project Mentors: Mariana Smit Vega Garcia and Malik Younsi
Graduate Mentor: Peter Lin
Team Members: Siyuan Ni, Xiao Li and Ryan Pachauri
[Final Report]
Nontransitive Dice and Arrow’s Theorem
Project Mentor: Jonah Ostroff
Graduate Mentor: Lucas Van Meter
Team Members: Satvik Agarwal, Arthur Vartanyan, Dorothy Truong and Jueyi Liu
[Final Report]
Trees, Forests, and Entropy
Project Mentors: Doug Lind and Jim Morrow
Graduate Mentor: Samantha Fairchild
Team Members: Melissa Stadt, Lalith Devireddy, Xinwei Fan and William Dana

AKS Primality Test
Project Mentor: Amos Turchet
Graduate Mentor: Travis Scholl
Team Members: Bryan Tun Pey Quah, Rohan Hiatt, Daria Micovic and Blanca Vina Patino
[Final Report]