Spring 2017


Simulation of ordered Chinese restaurant with random reseating
Project Mentor: Noah Forman
Graduate Mentor: Gerandy Brito
Team Members: Alex Forney, Yiruey Chou, Chengning Li
[Final Report]

Tilings and Python Programming
Project Mentor: Maxie Schmidt and Jayadev Athreya
Graduate Mentor: Kevin Lui
Team Members: Peter Gylys-Colwell, Andrew Lim, Yuqi Huang
[Final Report][Tilings Data]

Conditional path sampling of metastable states
Project Mentor: Panos Stinis
Graduate Mentor: Jacob Price
Team Members: Landon Shorack, Jesse Rivera
[Final Report]

Graphs and Machine Learning
Project Mentor: Sara Billey
Graduate Mentor: Riley Casper
Team Members: Aaron Bode, Nicholas Farn, Alex Tsun, Adharsh Ranganathan
[Final Report]

Number Theory and Noise
Project Mentor: Matthew Conroy
Graduate Mentor: Gabriel Dorfsman-Hopkins and Nikolas Eptaminitakis
Team Members: Hannah Van Wyk, Emily Flanagan and Penny Espinoza
[Final Report]

Prime Spacing
Project Mentors: Jayadev Athreya and Barry Forman
Graduate Mentor: Kristin DeVleming
Team Members: Sara Ahmed and Astrid Berge
[Final Report]

Shapes of Julia sets
Project Mentors: Malik Younsi
Graduate Mentor: Peter Lin and Chi-Yu Cheng
Team Members: Siyuan Ni, Xiao Li and Ryan Pachauri
[Final Report]

AKS Primality Test
Project Mentor: Amos Turchet
Graduate Mentor: Travis Scholl
Team Members: Bryan Tun Pey Quah, Rohan Hiatt, Daria Micovic and Blanca Vina Patino
[Final Report]

Projective actions and Random Permutations
Project Mentor: Jayadev Athreya
Graduate Mentor: Daniel Bragg and Manar Riman
Team Members: Kristine Hampton and Justin Shyi

[Final Report]

Spatial models of cancer evolution
Project Mentor: Ivana Bozic
Graduate Mentor: Clayton Barnes
Team Members: Arthur Vartanyan, Yanqi Liang



All meetings will be from 5:00-6:00pm, in Odegaard 136, followed by pizza in the math department lounge in Padelford.

  • Introductory Meeting: Thursday, March 30th
  • Mid-Quarter Meeting: Thursday, April 27th
  • Final Meeting: Thursday, May 25th
  • WXML Open House: Thursday, June 1st from 5:00-7:00pm
  • Final Reports Due: Thursday, June 15th