September 21, 2017

Tiling Surfaces

Today we have some various tiling projects to present to you! But first of all…

What is a ’tiling’?

A tiling, also sometimes called a tessellation, is the covering of a flat (or otherwise) surface using a variety of shapes to cover the entire surface without any overlap or gaps between the shapes.


Tiling of the WXML logo on a plane surface


Tilings do not necessarily have to be done on flat surfaces. A popular example is the soccer ball, which is a tiling of a pentagon and a hexagon, repeated over a sphere.


Our 3D printing model of a triangular tiling on a sphere


In art, various forms of tiles are used as motifs for creating a larger piece of work. M.C. Escher, a Dutch graphic artist, was famous for using tilings and other mathematical inspired ideas in his art work.

Tilings can also expressed through various different geometries and on different dimensions.

Our 3D printing model of a honeycomb structure, built from a hexagonal tiling


Build these yourself! WXML logo tiling & Triangular tiling on sphere & Honeycomb structure