August 12, 2017


Just a quick note to say that we’ve revamping our Engagement and Math Circles Pages. Here’s a quick reminder of some of things we do to create engagement with mathematics in the community.

We recently worked with the DO-IT and Math Academy summer programs for high school students on the UW campus, and more generally we work with school and community groups to bring mathematical exploration to diverse groups.

We sponsor public lectures and other activities to bring mathematics to all. We partner with Math For Love on Math Teachers Circles sponsored by the American Institute for Mathematics.

We host field trips with mathematical activities including our mathematical visuals and sculptures built with our Ultimaker 3D printer and soon a Glowforge laser cutter, and participated in the Paws on Science weekend at the Pacific Science Center.

If you would like to visit us or have us come and work with your school or community group, submit a WXML School Visit Request and contact us at wxml@math.washington.edu.