July 31, 2017

WXML + DO-IT and WXML + Math Academy

July 2017 has been a busy outreach month for the WXML, as we had the opportunity to work with the DO-IT Scholars Program, (a comprehensive, replicable program for helping teenagers with disabilities in Washington State prepare for and succeed in college, graduate studies, and careers, using technology as an empowering tool).

The DO-IT scholars built Platonic solids out of our custom-made polyhedral nets, discovered Euler’s formula V-E+F = 2 in this setting, and used 3D printed models to try and generalize their discoveries. The DO-IT program recently received theĀ Susan M. Daniels Mentoring Hall of Fame award in recognition of their pioneering work.

We’ve also been working with the UW Math Academy, a residential 4 week summer program, designed to help students develop the math and problem-solving skills necessary to succeed in science and engineering at college. Open to all students from Washington state, the Math Academy especially targets underrepresented minorities in engineering including African American, Latino, Native American, Pacific Islander and female students.

The WXML created a 2-hour Engineering Exploration for the 40 student group, working on recognizing patterns in sequences and introducing Benford’s Law; hosted a tour of the lab; and worked with a smaller group of students on a week-long FOCUS program, where students developed their own questions and conjectures on sequences and Benford’s Law, using CoCalc as a computational tool.